I imagine that one of the challenges for many people that wish to start a tiny house project on wheels is to find a building space to construct it. I discovered that once I let people know I was looking for a place to build that they were more willing than I expected to offer available space. People have been so supportive and enthusiastic about the project.

I am honored to be able to use a friend’s boat and furniture workspace in exchange for some website work. It seems to be great timing as he recently launched a boat project and has space available. (Boat being towed to the marina in above photo). Be sure to check out his website starleafboatworks.com to see some of the wonderful things he creates. We will soon be creating a new site that focuses on his furniture work. I’m thankful to have someone so experienced in wood working and home building that can help me along the way.

Another main reason I asked Matt if I could build at his shop was the level terrain he had available. Having as flat of a surface as possible to start on will make things easier for the building process and for getting the trailer level to begin with. Expensive tools also need to be considered for this project. I have and will be purchasing most smaller tools, but access to an electric mitre saw is something I was happy to hear the boat studio has as they are rather pricy. In this case I will purchase a few fresh blades for the saw. I’ll be forever grateful to you Matt!