Still seems a dream that this actually happened! The studio has successfully begun making its way to new places. The first new spot will be Concord, MA at the future New Life Community Church location. The church is being constructed so it is a well suited place to park.

Ben MacAdam Tiny House

Preparing to move it for the first time. Protecting it with my bow and arrows.

Parking a Tiny House

Parking it at new spot

Concord is my true hometown and Thoreau’s influence of Walden Pond is just down the road. My parents still live in Concord so it will be a perfect location to work on the studio and be near family. The studio is still pretty bare bones as it does not have running water or a bathroom, so I will not be “living” there, though I will begin moving things in to start designing the interior space more as it’s in construction. I feel this will be a good way to test things out and get more acquainted with possibilities in the space.

Tiny House in between the trees

Tiny Chess

Tiny Chess