Last Thursday I was thankful to receive my trailer delivered by Bauer Services out of Maryland. During the weekend I made several trips to gather materials such as the Pressure Treated 2x4s, Plywood, insulation, galvanized bolts, etc. to start on the subfloor framing.

It also just so happens that a friend of mine from college is building a tiny house in Rowley MA just minutes away. He invited me to some good deals on left over materials he would no longer be needing on his build such as some sheathing and more lumber. Here is a photo showing roughly where Travis’ build is at the moment. It’s a pleasure to be able to head down the road and get inspired by his project.

travis anderson tiny house

Travis Anderson’s Tiny House in progress

Over the weekend I was able to attend the event “The Big Tiny House Festival” in Somerville, MA. I was amazed to see how many people came out to the event. I was hoping there would be more tiny houses to see, but I was impressed by the one that was there. The line to tour the house went all around the parking lot so it was clear there is a large interest in the movement here in Massachusetts.

Below are some photos from the week of collecting materials and building the subfloor framing. At the moment I have the three sections built out, and attached flashing underneath the framing, but will likely need to make some more adjustments to get the center and back sections square.

I have attached the front section of the subfloor to the trailer with two 3/8″ galvanized hex bolts, but will need to attached another two this weekend. Unfortunately during the third drill hole the drill bit got bent so we will have to straighten it or get a new one. Felt great to have two points connected though!

Please contact me if you are in the area and might want to lend a hand!