I am not exactly an experienced builder, but I am satisfied with my work so far.

All in all I feel things are moving quite smoothly and I plan to order lumber this weekend to be delivered. Having the lumber delivered seems most practical as it would save time and only cost about $60 to be delivered, where the time and multiple trips it would take to do myself in a station wagon would not be as efficient.

A few days later…

I had my lumber delivered though I discovered they didn’t include the needed 4x4s for the loft. When I returned to the store they noticed they were out of stock when the delivery was in progress so I ended up picking them up there. Just a note that it’s smart to double-check your delivery incase they missed something. I was told in-store that the delivery person should have mentioned it instead of me finding out later into the project.

Tiny House Lumber

Tiny lumber for framing

Looking forward to framing the walls and getting this thing looking like a studio! I now officially own a deck off the grid!

ps. I used 3/4 inch pressure treated plywood for the subfloor sheathing.