Though designing a tiny house from scratch seemed appealing at first, I kept coming back to a design called “The Tiny Project“, by Alek Lisefski, that I felt aligned well with what I was imagining myself. Also, the more I researched, it was clear that having plans was a smart way to begin. I will be modifying the interior to accommodate my needs, attaching to my custom trailer, but the overall dimensions will follow the blueprints.

Here is a rough outline of my interior idea so far though nothing is fixed.

Tiny Studio Floor Plan

Tiny Studio Floor Plan

I’ve had the pleasure to correspond with Alek who designed and used the plans himself. He has been great to respond thoroughly and promptly about my early questions. So far the pdf plans look to be exactly what I need and I also received a Google SketchUp file that allows for a 3D perspective of the design and gives freedom to make any adjustments I might want to test out. Both the plans and SketchUp file are very professionally produced. Alek, like myself, is a freelance designer with a similar taste in aesthetics and lifestyle so we hope to work on some future projects together.

If you are considering building one of these I would recommend either purchasing or downloading free tiny house plans. The largest benefits to me seem to be the time-saving aspect, having a trustworthy guide to reference, and it seems a safer way to approach the project overall since the plans have been used and working for someone else out there.

Outside Tiny Project

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