In comparing the options of how to retrieve the trailer, I ended up hiring someone thru uShip. Today I received notice that the trailer is now en route from DeLand Florida to Rowley Massachusetts!

Some of the other options I considered:

  • Craigslist – Posted and sought out possible ride-sharing, but nothing came up in time.
  • Flying – Flying down from MA and renting a vehicle back started to look like the more expensive and complicated option though that might have been a fun road trip.
  • Manufacturer Delivery – Tiny Home Builders offers to deliver for $1.30 per mile, but my distance is 1,281 miles, making the delivery $1665.
  • uShip – I was able to get a bid on delivery for $1000.

Choosing a trailer was also a matter of weighing options. There are several tiny house trailer companies out there that make custom trailers. I am sure they are all good! I chose to go with one from Tiny Home Builders as their design made sense to me and the price was reasonable. I did my share of looking for trailers on Craigslist, and reaching out to local custom trailer companies, but I wasn’t able to find one that fit my needs or beat the benefits of starting with a new custom-made trailer. I figured that since it is the foundation of the studio I was willing to pay the extra cost.

In the meantime I’ve purchased the flashing needed for the subfloor, 4 6-ton jacks, and an SUV jack for leveling the trailer when it comes Sept. 18th.

Tools and Materials List

red jacks