Having vertical walls has made this project feel all the more real! The month or so working with the subfloor has paid off as I now am rewarded with what is starting to look like a space. Working from the plans from Alek at “The Tiny Project” has made this part of the project go quite smooth and quickly.

Ben MacAdam Tiny Studio Framing

Right and Back Walls

I was able to frame each wall in more a less a day for each. The most difficult part was the front wall as it has been the tallest and needed special attention for cutting the pitch of the roof.


Front Wall

I was also able to officially level the trailer today onto 4 6-ton jacks. This will be especially important for future steps in squaring off all the side sheathing and it made it much easier to build my framing on. Hearing that we may have our first signs of snowflakes this weekend, I am happy to have things level and closer to getting a roof on before winter though there is more framing to come.

Alek, the plan designer, featured the tiny studio on his blog today if you’d like to check it out: http://tiny-project.com/ben-macadams-tiny-studio-feedback-from-a-tiny-project-constrution-plans-user. Thanks Alek!

Hope you had a great Halloween! “Boo!”

Following days…

Top framing

More top framing

Window Framing

Window Framing

Right Wall Top

Right Wall Top

tiny house wall framing

Completed wall framing