For wall sheathing I have chosen to use the “Zip System“. A friend introduced me to the product and soon after I noticed many houses going up in the area were using it. A huge advantage to the product is the sheathing itself has the moisture barrier property built right in, where as with plain plywood sheathing I would have to also apply a moisture barrier such as “Tyvek“, and a rainscreen.

Once sheathing was applied I used “Zip Tape” to seal up the gaps between boards as well as around the bottom of the windows using the technique from their video tutorial. So far it seems to have done a great job keeping things dry though I have a bit more sheathing to do.

To summarize, the Zip Wall seems to have been a huge time saver though it does seem more costly at first, I believe the benefits are worth it.

Below are some more images of the wall sheathing process.

Roof sheathing was done using 5/8 Zip System and was fairly straightforward. One thing to consider is to stagger the seams of each piece. This is recommended for more strength.

Thanks for reading!

wall sheathing

Completed Wall and Roof Sheathing